The Wrong Way To Clean Your Window Screens

How your windows look affects more than the interior part of your home. It can also have an impact to the curb appeal of your home. That is why it is a must for home owners to make sure that their windows are always clean and shiny.

Sadly, one of the most annoying household chores that we have today is window cleaning. That is why most home owners tend to just skip this part in their cleaning routine. In the event that they choose to clean their window screens, they do not put too much thought into it. Because of this, they tend to commit foolish mistakes.

Window Screen Cleaning

Here are some of the wrong ways that you are cleaning your window:

Not knowing how to use your cleaning tools

This is actually the biggest mistake that many home owners make. Before you start on your cleaning routine, it is recommended that you first determine what type of cleaning materials would work best for the type of windows that you have and how to use it properly. When there are deposits on your window glass, then you should use scraper to remove it. When you use the scraper improperly, there is a high chance that it would leave permanent marks and scratches on your window. Make sure that the blade in your scraper is brand new and use it only in single direction with equal pressure applied.

Cleaning windows on a sunny day

For your information, the weather plays an important role on how successful your window cleaning activity will be. Many home owners clean their windows on a sunny day because it is much more convenient for them. When you clean your windows under the blazing heat of the sun, the cleaner that you apply will tend to dry off even before you can wipe it off. As a result, you will get left with hard-to-remove window streaks. It is recommended that you clean your windows during a cloudy day.

Using oil based window cleaning solution

When it comes to choosing cleaning solutions, you must exercise extreme caution. One of the most commonly used cleaning products is the oil based window cleaner. For your information, these products tend to leave marks behind. Additionally, it can also create damage to your windows in the long run. It is best that you use natural cleaning solutions. If you have time, you can create your very own homemade cleaning solutions.

Cleaning the exterior part first

Many people think that the exterior part of the window is the dirtier part. That is understandable because of the different environmental factors that can stain the windows from the outside. For your information, the interior part is actually a lot dirtier. Why is this so? This is because we tend to touch the windows and leave marks all over it. Plus, there is also the dust issue that you have to consider. Because of this, it is best that you focus on the interior part.

The next time you clean your home, please do your windows a favor and avoid doing all the mistakes mentioned above.

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