Wood Vs. Vinyl Window: Know The Differences

If you are thinking of replacing your window screens, your first step must be to determine which type of replacement window you must opt for. When you browse the net or when you pay a visit to home improvement stores, two of the most common replacement window types that you can ever encounter are the wood and vinyl windows. Sadly, choosing between this two has always been difficult. This is because each type both has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you wish to make the right decision, then you must invest some time and effort in determining the differences between these two. To help you jump start your search, we have provided some of the basic information below.

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Vinyl: One of the biggest advantages of having vinyl windows is that these are a lot easier to maintain. These windows just need occasional cleaning which include applying lubrication to its hinges and wiping off the surfaces. This simple cleaning routine can be done once a month. Additionally, vinyl windows cannot be painted on.

Wood: The advantage of vinyl is actually the biggest disadvantage of the wood window. The interior parts of the wood windows have to be painted on. There is no need for you to    paint the exterior part as it already has cladding in it. In addition to that, you must make some effort in protecting it against staining through repeated window treatments. Also, you  have to exert effort in protecting wood windows against possible termite infestation. In the event that you neglect its periodical maintenance, your wood windows will be prone to weathering and rotting. Today, there are wood windows that come with weather stripping features that provide protection against external elements like water, dust and the likes.


Vinyl: As mentioned above, vinyl windows cannot be painted on. Because of this, this type of window will not go well with the décor of relatively old houses. However, vinyl windows are perfect for modern houses with vinyl flooring. In addition to this, vinyl windows are known to be the most popular replacement windows because of the fact that they come in different types including replacement bay window, vinyl double hung replacement, replacement bow window, vinyl double hung new construction and many more. With the wide selection that it offers, you are bound to find the type of window that will best suit your   home.

Wood: What you would like most about wood window frames is that these bring warmth and richness to the room. They instantly make any décor look more elegant. Its difference with vinyl windows is that wood windows can be painted on. Because of this, you can choose to paint it with any color that will match the existing décor in your home.

In addition to the things mentioned above, you also have to take into consideration the theme and style of your home. Now that you know what the slight differences of vinyl and wood windows are, you can be able to make an informed decision as to which type of window is right for you home.

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide what kind of window I want to have installed in my new home. I think vinyl would go perfectly, especially since they match well with vinyl flooring! I shouldn’t have a problem with finding a window that suits my home. Thanks for sharing!

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