Make Your Windows Look Dazzling As New With These Amazing Tips and Tricks

Home cleaning is one of those tasks that you must do every once in a while. It’s a task that you shouldn’t forget or ignore unless you are ok with the dust, dirt and clutter build up at each and every corner of the house.

Cleaning the windows is one of the most important parts of the home cleaning task. It’s one of the most time consuming job that also requires great amount of patience. Some says it’s the most challenging one because you don’t only have to clean the inside part of the window but the outside part of it as well.  This is why some homeowners opt to hire professional window cleaners to do such task.

However, if you feel like you got all the time and patience to do the window cleaning, here are some tips and tricks that can surely help you out.

Window Glass Cleaning

Prepare and use the right tools and equipment.

The usual tools involve a vacuum cleaner, clean cotton cloth, cleaning solution (in a spray bottle) and soft brush.  Prepare all of this before you get down and literally dirty with the cleaning task. Preparing all the things that you’ll need can save you a lot of time and effort upon doing the task.

Clean interior and exterior side of the window.

Don’t just focus on cleaning the inside part of your window. The outside part of it must be thoroughly cleaned too. You can use a vacuum to clean the exterior window screens. If they are detachable, you can safely remove it from the window and gently brush it at the sink to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Make sure that it’s completely dry before putting it back.

Clean top to bottom.

Clean the window pane from the top all the way to the bottom. This cleaning technique keeps away any drips or streaks from the part that is already cleaned. This can help you avoid any kind of streaks right after your window is dry and cleaned.

Wipe with a clean and 100% cotton cloth.

Wipe your window and your window glass with clean cotton cloth after cleaning to avoid any residue or steaks. You can also spray a little amount of detergent on it to make your window shining and dazzling as new.

Set a good amount of time just for window cleaning.

Don’t mix other tasks while you are cleaning your windows. Once you started the process, make sure to finish it without any kind of interruption. This can make your cleaning task much easier and faster than expected. You will also get good result if your time and attention is solely focused on it.

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