The Five Window Types You Should Consider For Your Next Home Remodel

Windows are one of the most important parts of the house. They come in variety of sizes, colors and shapes. These small openings add accent and enhances the interior aspect of a house. They serve as the access of ventilation and natural sunlight. Furthermore, they are the home owners opening to see the life outside the house. With all the good roles of windows in your house, here are five of must try window designs for your home.

Window Types

Bay windows

Also known as bow windows, these windows are perfect in terms of producing accent and class on any dull room. They possess three or four divisions on the curved shape of the entire window appearance. These are perfect if you want to highlight your interior space since they are big enough to showcase the exterior of the house. They give a multi-dimensional feeling to the house and permits good amount of sunshine in. this is perfect for a lovely morning.

Transom window

These are small windows over a door or another window. Bars and beams are used to separate the transom window from the other door or window. For the most part this is an aesthetic window that highlights the features of the house’ exterior. However, these small openings can be more functional if you allow them to be the passages of the air from the outside. These small wonders are the stylish ventilation you can get.

Clerestory windows

If you are so concerned about your privacy, then you must consider this window. It permits good amount of light in to the interior of your home but manages to provide privacy as well. Located at a higher part of your house, clerestory windows also adds perfect accent to your room and exterior walls.

Window walls

Window walls are literally windows turned into walls. They divide the indoors of your home from the outside environment. They allow beautiful views right into your eyes. Moreover, it gives lightning and ventilation for your house making it cozier. Furthermore, it gives a touch of nature as the view of the outside can be vividly seen from the inside. If you want to keep unwanted insects and dusts from coming in, you should add window screens that will blend perfectly on your window walls.

Entry door windows

Entry door windows add style on a boring door. Furthermore, these windows also incorporate drama on the entrance of the house. When the sun lights across your door, the little window permits sun rays inside the house. Not only that it serves as a natural light, it also provides a warmer ambiance in the interiors.

Unusual window shapes

Plain squares and rectangles can be boring in the eyes of your visitors. Some curved tops and bottom corners may also project a boring impression on your home interior design. Unusual window shapes like diamonds, rounds and hexagons will produce a highlight on the inside of your home. Guests may be more impressed with such unique and creative ideas.

Contemporary windows

Contemporary windows are now taking over the new definition of window design today. They give good lightning and created spaces as well. These windows bring lightness on the home interior making them a big hit on this decade.

If you are planning to update the look of your home, then it is recommended that you take a look at the types of window screens that are mentioned above.

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