How Window Screens Could Damage Your Glass (and How To Save Them)

One of the most expensive investment you can make in your home is your windows. The cost of making it look great from the outside to the inside as well as the money involved by having it repaired or replaced when damage occurs can range from several thousands of dollars.

Naturally as a homeowner, you would want to protect this huge “home investment” at all times. But did you know that there’s an inexpensive accessory that can damage it without your knowledge? It’s window (metal mesh) screen.

Metal mesh screen along with it’s frame will oxidize after long period of time or usage. This will make the screen harder to see through because of the hazy look. The oxidation will transfer to your window glass, creating white/gray stains and spots that are quite difficult and pretty expensive to remove. These stains build up can eventually cause greater problems if left untreated for long period of time.


To prevent this situation from happening at your window glass, here are some proven effective tips and advice that you can follow.

Remove Screens During Winter

Aside from saving your window glass from oxidation, you can also prolong the life of your screen by removing them during cold and harsh weather.

Replace Screen With Non-Oxidizing Material

Replace your screen mesh with nylon can also work wonders in terms of oxidation prevention. Aside from that, it can also improve the overall look of your window glass if installed right. Nylon mesh is also less expensive than the typical metal screens. The only disadvantage of nylon mesh is that it’s less durable compared to the metal ones.

Treat The Oxidation With Chemicals

If you have done all kinds of cleaning you can to remove the oxidation from your window glass, it’s about time to hire a professional to do the job. The most common thing that a professional window cleaner will do to remove such stain is by applying some chemical solution. But before you sign a cleaning contract, make sure to ask the service provider first how much it would cost. See if replacing the window glass could be cheaper than having them cleaned by chemical solution.

Have Windows Professionally Cleaned, ALWAYS!

Keeping your window glass clean at all times can prevent oxidation stains from becoming severe. If you are too busy to do it, then hiring someone for the job is highly recommended. Consider this an insurance for your investment.

Always remember that prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure. Keep these tips in mind to avoid any kind of damage and prolong the life of your window glass.


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  1. I’d never thought of the downside to metal mesh screens. It totally makes sense that they’d have a tendency to oxidize over time, and I can imagine that you’d either need a really good window cleaner to take care of the stains, or you’d need to have your windows replaced. Sometimes replacing windows is the right way to go, I’m sure, but sometimes it’s nice to know the alternatives anyways. Thanks for sharing!

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