4 Window Replacement Options That Can Help You Save Money!

One of the best ways to give the house a brand new look is by replacing old windows. Aside from improving the home’s aesthetics, new windows can also help save money by cutting down power costs.

Windows that are produced or created nowadays can effectively provide any house the security, safety and comfort it needs.  They have insulation properties that can keep the heat out during the summer and the cold air during the winter.  These windows can withstand extreme weather conditions as well.

If you are looking forward to replace your windows, here are some of the best options that you might want to consider. They all provide the benefits I mentioned and most important of all, can help you save money by cutting down energy costs.


This type of window can be opened completely thus allowing sunlight and air to go in and out of the house freely.  When closed, the sash is pressed tightly to the frame thus preventing any kind of air leakage. It’s also very easy to clean because of its crank mechanism.


Double-hung windows, as the name implies, have two (double) sashes that can be opened either from the top or from the bottom. The frames of this window can be easily tilted and pushed out when needed (e.g. cleaning).  Double hung windows usually have double or triple panes filled with argon gas that makes them energy efficient. Double-hung windows are usually seen at Victorian style houses.


This window type is almost similar with casements except for one thing – hinge location. Unlike casements, awning windows have their hinges at the top. This type of window is often used as skylight as they can be placed on higher areas of a building or house. Awnings allow natural light to easily come in and provide good ventilation for the area where it is installed.

Bay Windows

Bay window is made of a fixed central window with two side windows that can be casements or double hung. A popular window type for living room and bedroom. This type of window easily allows natural light and fresh air to enter that can further improve house ventilation.

These windows are just four of the many popular window types that can help save you money. They can help lower down your energy consumption and electricity costs. If you don’t know what to get for your home, you can always ask professionals to give you the best options.

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