Window Pet Screens – Why You Should Use Them

If you want your windows open but afraid to do so because of your pets, window pet screens or pet screen mesh is the right choice for you. Pet screen mesh is created and designed specifically for the protection and safety of your pets. Aside from that, it was also designed to resist scratching and clawing.

Here are some of the best characteristics of pet screen mesh that you won’t find at any other types of window screens.

Dog Window


Pet screen mesh is seven to eight times stronger than standard mesh. It won’t easily tear or break from your cat’s or dog’s nasty claws. Most pet screen mesh suppliers or makers offer warranty against ripping, fraying, or discoloring.  The materials used in this kind of screen are resistant to rain, sun and fire.


If you have a pet that loves to go where they please, this type of screen can keep them within the safe distance or vicinity. The materials used with this product can effectively discourage the pets from tearing the screen and going out through it. With this in place, there’s no need for you to worry anymore about losing your beloved pets. If you live near high traffic roads or highways, this can also prevent any kind of pet accident.

Better Airflow

Although the pet screen mesh is made with the finest and strongest materials, it doesn’t affect or decrease airflow. In fact, it further improves the kind of air your home gets because it effectively filters known insects, dust or foreign objects.

Cat Window

Pet screen mesh, compared to other types of screens, is quite expensive. But the price you will invest in this is all worth it.

Regular Screen Vs Pet Screen


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