5 Amazing Window Ideas for Better Style and Insulation

There are probably hundreds of ways you can use a simple window covering to insulate and stylize your home. To save you great amount of time looking for the one that might work for your house, below are five of the best ideas that you can try out.

Beautiful House Window


This is arguably the simplest and most effective way to save energy with a window treatment. It’s highly recommend that you buy and make use of blinds with dual layers of fabric – light and dark. The light side must be facing the outdoors to reflect sunlight and release heat when weather is hot and turn the dark one when weather gets cold as it can absorb heat into your home. This is an ideal tip for any kind of windows at different rooms or location inside your home.


According to research and studies, a white or near white blinds can effectively reduce heat gain up to 45%. This is why blinds are highly recommended for south and west facing windows. Another advantage of using blinds is that you can control the amount of light that can come through your window.

Installing exterior blind is also a great idea as they can be used to reduce the amount of light and heat coming from the sun.


Drapes are great home insulators and offer great shade inside the home too! A light color fabric can effectively reduce the amount of light and heat coming into your home. When installed correctly (must be hung as close to the window as possible), drapes can truly provide good insulation that can help you save energy.

Awnings and Overhangs

Awnings and overhangs can effectively reduce the amount of heat and light that enters your house. They are pretty much ideal for homeowners who doesn’t want to install anything close at their windows from the inside. Awnings and overhangs are great for south and west facing windows.

Mesh Window Screens

A good mesh screen can effectively help insulate your house while letting good amount of light to come in. Nowadays, there are lots of window screens that can surely give you great benefits without negatively impacting your home’s overall style and look.

If you don’t have any idea what kind of screen to install or use, you can call ParkerWindowScreens.Com. We can give you great tips and advice about the type of window screens that are perfect for your home.

These window ideas can give you great benefits when followed, used and installed correctly. Identify which one of them can effectively help you with your needs.

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