Window Glass Replacement Tips For Maximum Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why there are times that window glass replacement is necessary. Most of the time, it’s a major part of home renovation or overall upgrade of the house. Sometimes, it’s because of the broken glass that needs immediate replacement.

Nowadays, one of the major reasons why window glass replacement is at its highest rate is energy efficiency. Homeowners are now starting to invest with window glasses that can help cut down energy costs and bills. If you are one of the many homeowners who are thinking to invest with window glasses, here are some of our expert tips that can help you out in picking the right one.


Choose Energy Star Certified Products

Installing and using ENERGY STAR certified windows can drastically cut down energy bills and carbon footprints by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Energy Star certified windows does have special coatings on the glass that acts like sunscreen of your home.  It can also effectively help home temperature consistently comfortable.

Replacing windows with glasses that meet Energy STAR recommendations will not only improve energy output, it can also increase the resale value of a home.

Think About Home Resale Value

Energy efficient windows not only help you cut energy bills, it also help improve the overall value of home. Buying window glasses with style, comfort and energy efficiency in mind can certainly give a house a good boost in terms of market value. Just check out the market and see what kind and type of glasses suits your home.

Hire The Real Pros

Window glass replacement is not an easy job. Although it looks like easy, doing it the wrong way will just do more damage in terms of budget and home value. Yes, there are some people who prefer to do it themselves but if you are not really into this kind of job, better hire the experts.

Nowadays, getting expert help is just few clicks away. With the rise of the digital world, you can now easily hire window glass replacement experts. If you will search for window experts for products and installation via internet, make sure to check the reviews and feedback about them. Make sure that the “expert” you will choose is high caliber.

You can easily tell if they are the real pros with the way their website is presented, the reviews about them and of course the service and the product they offer. To make sure that you will hire the right people or company for your window glass replacement, try to call them first. Ask for some advice first and if you feel good or satisfied with their answers, you can now hire them.

Glass Windows and Door

One of the industry leaders in terms of window glass repair and replacements of today is ParkerWindowScreens.Com. If you need experts that can do window glass replacement in a short period of time, we are here to help. We offer high quality workmanship at affordable prices. With our services, replacement glass for a window usually takes 6-10 days. Ordering and installing new windows can take around 5 weeks. Install time alone will just take around 30 minutes or so.

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12 Comments on “Window Glass Replacement Tips For Maximum Benefits

  1. Great article! Hiring professional in doing this job is a great point you can’t allow doing the job using certified products by just someone. Thanks for this.

  2. Window glass replacement used to be an easy, strait forward procedure you could do on your own. If you still have an older model of window, you can still pretty much do it on your own provided you know what type of glass, and have the tools to cut it. Nowadays, if you have a double, or triple-pane windows, you would need to have the whole window frame or panel replaced, it is not as simple as it used to be. In other words, call a pro.

  3. Great post written by and its true that you must keep repairing your windows as it creates and bring beauty to your house.

  4. I’ve been thinking that my windows in my home are probably due for a replacement. Like you said, it’s important to pick the best ones out there. That’s why I’m going to follow your tip about finding some that are energy efficient. Also, resale value should help push my decision a bit as well. Are there any you would recommend?

  5. Thinking about the resale value is something huge to consider. Your choice in replacement glass may not be something the next person would like! I really enjoyed that you mentioned cutting energy costs by choosing energy efficient glass. This was really helpful! Thanks for posting!

  6. When my wife and I moved into our first apartment, the landlord installed more energy efficient windows and it make a big difference for our utilities, so I agree that it’s a major factor why so many people are getting their windows replaced. We’ve since moved, but I’m thinking of getting these windows replaced so we can get the benefit again. Thanks for the post!

  7. Great advice to think about resale value when choosing your new windows. A professional is the best option for quality window replacement. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing such wonderful article!

    Windows go about as the most crucial element. Windows give sufficient ventilation to the house and giving it that tasteful look that draws in potential home purchasers. Consideration on the decision of glass shape and shading ought to serenely suit the presence of your home.

  9. Our need for window glass replacement is part of a home remodeling that we are doing. My husband and I bought this home a few months ago knowing that there would be a lot of different things that we would need to fix up. One of those things was definitely the windows. A lot of them we couldn’t even open and some had cracks in them. We are excited to finally get some new windows soon so that our home will be safer.

  10. This is some really great information for anyone who needs to replace a window or windows in their home. I had never thought about how the kind of glass you use can affect the efficiency of your home. And I agree that resale value is a very important thing to consider, and it ought to be a very highly-ranked factor. Thanks so much for writing!

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