Window Cleaning Hacks Every Home Owner Must Know About

Dirty windows are one of the most common pet peeves of home owners. This is true no matter how beautiful your windows are. No one would want to have a home with stained, dusty or moldy windows. It will surely reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is why you must invest some time in cleaning and keeping your windows shiny on a regular basis.

Window Glass Facade

Sadly, it is not that easy to keep your window screens in a shiny state since there are many problems that may arise while you are cleaning your windows. If you have experienced having problems cleaning your windows for the longest of time, now is the perfect time for you to know about these window cleaning hacks:

Shy away from newspaper.

One of the most common window cleaning practices that is used today is to use wet newspaper instead of paper towels. While this is an environmental friendly and effective idea, people who do this usually end up with newspaper ink in their hands. To solve this problem, experts recommend that you use coffee filter instead. It works the same way a newspaper does, minus the ink stains!

Use the squeegee.

One of the most common problems that come with cleaning the windows arte the streaks that get left behind. The best solution for this is to use a squeegee. It is recommended that you purchase a small squeegee. Do not forget to wipe the blades in between swipes. It is also best that you replace the blade once it gets dull. You can also try researching about the proper squeegee techniques by watching different videos and tutorials online.

Take advantage of blackboard eraser.

If you do not like using squeegee, one window cleaning secret that you should know about is the use of a blackboard eraser. Make sure that you use an unused and brand new blackboard eraser for this purpose. Swipe the black board eraser across the window screen and you will be amazed at how easily the streaks can be removed. The best thing about this is that it does not leave any residue or dust behind.  You do not have to soak it in water. You can use it dry.

Take care of the small details.

When it comes to windows, even the smallest details matter. It’s not enough that you have gotten rid of the dust or the stains in your window. Your aim must be to see clearly through your window from any angle and at any time of the day. Some of these small details include water marks and scratches. To get rid of water marks, you can wipe remaining water or cleaner with the use of Q tip or a soft old t shirt. For scratches, you can try buffing these out using non-gel toothpaste.

You see, window cleaning is not rocket science. With these window cleaning hacks, you will never encounter any window cleaning problems ever again.

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