Video: How to Easily Replace a Damaged Window Screen

Watch Phifer Inc’s instructional video on How to Easily Replace a Damaged Window Screen. Find out how you can quickly and easily replace a damaged or broken fiberglass window screen.

No time to DIY? Too many damaged window screens to repair/replace? Want a professional to install your window?

Who do you call?

Mike Tarin, owner of Parker Window Screens, has vast knowledge, experience, and reputation for service in and around Parker, CO to make him the #1 pick for replacing and installing your windows screens without the overhead associated with calling one of the “corporate” window replacement companies.

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3 Comments on “Video: How to Easily Replace a Damaged Window Screen

  1. At first glance, looks like a very sensitive activity to do. But you can leave it to the experts, this is to assure successful services.

  2. It seems like repairing windows would be a lot of work. Working with glass would be really scary. I know that if I worked with glass I would always be afraid of breaking it. This is definitely one job that is better left done by professionals.

  3. This looks pretty easy to fix. I may have to get the window installed as well because both panes were broken. I may see if the person putting the screen in can also install windows because that would save me some time and money.

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