Different Types of Window Installation Projects

Many people think that all window replacement projects would automatically require the replacement of all parts of windows. Well, you will be surprised to know that you are given the opportunity to just simply replace only certain parts of your window. This is depending on the condition of the window and the goal of the home owner.

Building Window

Before you seal the deal with a window professional, it is recommended that you allow them to analyze and evaluate the condition of your window first. This is necessary in order to determine what type of window installation project your home needs. If you do not have any idea about what those types are, these are as follows:

Window Sash Replacement

This is probably the most cost effective type of window replacement project. This is because you only have to replace the movable parts of the window. There is no need for you to change the entire window frame. For this project, you have the option to remove and replace the locking, opening and closing mechanism of the window. Additionally, you can also choose to replace either the tracks, top or bottom sashes. This project is recommended if you just simply wish to change the look of your windows and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Pocket Frame Window Replacement

You can also refer to this project as insert windows. This is because the window replacement is just simply inserted in place of the old frame of the window that is being replaced. This is one good option if you are just simply planning to make your windows energy efficient but you still wish to maintain the old casing and trim of your old window. This is a more cost effective option than replacing the full frame of windows. However, you can only be able to choose this project if you are sure that the window screens are still in good condition.

Full Frame Window Replacement

In the event that the window screens are already loose fitting or worn out, then this type of window replacement is what you need. This is because your windows are more probably costing you lots of money in excess electrical energy. In addition to that, such windows may already be unsound for the structure of your home and can be unsightly to look at. For this project, the frame and the full window will be removed and then replaced with brand new ones. Other than the poor condition of the window, this project is also recommended if you are planning to change the size and shape of your windows.

Understanding the different types of window installation project is very important as it helps you to save lots of money and choose the type of project that would be most valuable for your house. Make sure that you retain the services of an expert window professional to ensure that your window replacement project will be as smooth sailing as possible.

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  1. Thanks for opening the eyes of your readers. We all might think that window replacement is just as simple as replacing it. There are types of window installation and replacement. Thanks BTW!

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