5 Easy-To-Follow Tips and Tricks To Make Your Windows Look Awesome As New

A major house cleaning won’t be complete without spending great amount of time at the windows. Since windows are pretty much one of the hardest area to clean, people tend to either leave it up or hire someone to do it for them.

Cleaning house windows is indeed challenging. But if you know the right way, tricks and techniques to do it, then you’ll find it easier than expected. Below are some easy to follow tips that can help make window cleaning a breeze.

Window Sun

Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner.

To start things up, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clear the edges of the window and get rid of any dust, grime, cobwebs and any foreign particles in the corners of the frame. This will effectively remove the dirt before you even start washing it up resulting to lesser to no residue smeared in your glass.

Wash your screen in a sink.

If you have detachable mesh screens, remove and wash it in a sink or in your bathroom. This way, the dirt will go straight down in the drain without messing up your home. You can use a brush to remove dirt that hardened up in the screen.

Start at the top.

When cleaning your window pane, always start at the top while slowly going down. This way, you are keeping away any dirt from the part that has been cleaned up.

Use a soft cotton cloth.

Before you start cleaning up your windows, always see to it that you already have a soft cotton cloth ready. You will use this cloth to wipe the glass dry after washing. And since it’s very soft, it won’t leave any scratches and rarely leave threads behind.

Have the right preparation and plan.

Just like any other kind of job or work, window cleaning needs a good preparation and plan. Don’t start window cleaning unless you already have the right materials to be used, the extra time to do so and the right motivation to actually finish the cleaning job.

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