“You can do all of them for less than $500?”

Yep! In most cases, Parker Window Screens can replace every last screen for less than $500. That’s a small price to pay to keep the bugs out!

“In less than 24 hours? Really?

Sure can! We drive to you, remove your screens from their fixtures, and then re-install them for you after they’ve been repaired or replaced. Unless we indicate otherwise, you’ll have your new screens ready to go by the very next day.

“What if I need my screens replaced¬†yesterday?”

Let us know when you call. It’s as easy as that for the vast majority of our customers who request rapid service – with no increase in price.

¬†“What kinds of screen do you offer?”

A bunch! Take your pick:

Standard. It’s exactly what it sounds like. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Super Strength. 3 times the strength with the same airflow.

High Definition. Almost invisible from more than 5 feet away. Increased airflow. Half the strength of standard.

Insect Screen. Smaller holes to keep the bugs out. Reduced light penetration. Just as strong as Super Strength.

Pet Mesh.¬†8 times stronger than Standard. Significantly reduced light penetration and airflow. Replacement is much more involved, making this type of mesh more expensive. It’s most often used on patio doors.

“How far do you travel to pick up screens?”

Anywhere in Douglas County, Colorado. That’s everything between C-470 and El Paso County going from the Platte River to about 10 miles east of I-25. There is a $0.50/mile surcharge – both ways – for screen work done beyond Douglas County.

“Can I bring my screens to you?”

Mike, the owner of PWS, would rather you didn’t. We will come to you. The cost is the same, and it’s much easier to arrange.