Tried and Tested Tips To Breathe Life To Old Windows

Just like many other parts of your home, you want your windows to last for as long as possible. No one wishes to suffer from high energy bills, cold drafts and many other house problems that come with a broken window. Let us also not forget about the fact that a broken window can certainly put the safety of your home, family and properties at risk. It is true that we can always have our broken window screens repaired. However, repairing your windows can take too much of your time, money and effort.

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Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure and that is why it is best that you take some steps of precaution early on. If you wish to extend the life span of your old windows, here are some of the tips that you must know about:

Incorporate storm windows.

If you do not plan to replace your windows anytime soon and you are already noticing that the energy efficiency of your current windows are slightly wavering. The best thing that you can do is to install storm windows. Using a good storm window, it will be easy for you to boost the energy efficiency of your current windows. When installing these, it would be best that you avoid caulking the bottom edge. In this way, the water that will accumulate there will easily drain.

Consider hurricane shutters.

If you live in an area that is prone to storms, then it is advised that you use hurricane shutters. These items can improve the functionality of the windows without sacrificing aesthetics. This is because hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles and colors.In addition to that, you also have an opportunity to choose between removable and fixed shutters.

Repaint old windows.

If you have and old window that has been painted shut, do not lose hope. There are still some ways on how you can return functionality to your window. Get a utility knife and use it to cut along the seam which has been painted over. This will help free up your window. In the event that the sash is still stuck after doing that, you can place a piece of wood against the window frame and whacking it with the use of a mallet. After that, you can proceed on repainting your old windows.

Seal the windows.

If your windows have been installed years ago, there is a big chance that it already has some air leaks. Because of this, it is best that you check for any air leaks on old windows. This can be done by feeling them with your bare hands or you can use a candle to detect where the leaks are. You can seal window leaks with the use of either foam insulation, fiberglass or caulk.

Maintenance is very important if you wish to make your windows last. Make sure that you apply all the tips given above and you can surely be able to make the most out of your window screens.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Will be looking to restore some old windows on the barn very soon. These tips will certainly come in handy. Thanks a ton!

  2. Thank you for the help. My wife and I are going to need to repair or replace a couple old windows in our house. I like the idea of incorporating storm windows, as you suggested. Is it possible to put this type of window into the old window frame?

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