How Stained Glass Window Can Add Beauty To Your Home

Stained glass windows are commonly used as an architectural feature and added decoration in a house. They are mostly used at Victorian style houses and most of the time at local churches (buildings) too. This type of glass window is truly special because of the uniqueness it can bring. It can dramatically change the look and the overall impression or ambiance of any room.

Stained Glass Bay Window Sundial (3) by John Carmichael

Stained glass windows are actually more than just the added style and design. Below are some more ways how it can add beauty at any house.

Soften the light.

Aside from reducing the amount of natural light, stained glass can soften it as well. Warm colors like PINK can produce a beautiful and welcoming light perfect for the entry porch and even hallways. Ask some stained glass experts or interior designers on what color you should have at your rooms or house.

Focal point.

Stained glass can become the focal point of your home. It can become the center of attention at your house that your family members and even your guests will love. It can effectively break up spaces and most of all, can offer great privacy for internal windows.

Integrate the old and new designs.

Do you want to add a splash of the “good old days of design” at your modern and high-tech house? Stained glass windows can give that. It’s the easiest, safest and highly recommended way to integrate old and new designs in modern built homes.

Installing stained glass windows can certainly give your house a new look and style. However, the installation and usage of it must be handled with extra care and precaution. Stained glass contains some amount of lead that can be really dangerous when swallowed or inhaled. If you wanted to have it installed at your home, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you.


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  1. We have a broken stained glass window and we were considering replacing it with a regular window. I really like how you point out that stained glass can soften the light int the room. I didn’t stop to consider how much those colors impacted the entire look of the room. I think we will look into getting it repaired instead of taking it out. Thanks for sharing this!

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