3 Simple But Effective Ways to Prevent Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are not a good sight to see at your home during winter season. Some might think its normal for glass windows to fog because of the cold weather but the truth is, it could be a sign of a problem inside your house. Foggy window is a result of humid air that touches a cold surface like your glass window. If you won’t look for ways to prevent your windows from fogging up, sooner or later it will become a big problem.

Foggy window, if left unattended can end up rotting your window sill and trim because of its moisture. This can result into your windows sagging up or falling out thus giving you a much bigger problem. Although there are effective ways that you can do to reduce condensation, it’s much better to prevent it before it actually happens. Below are some of the most effective ways you can do to prevent foggy windows this winter.


Check and repair possible cracks and leaks around your windows and home.

Leaks around the window frame are the most common cause of condensation. Check the caulking around it and see if there’s a need for a new one. You should also check for possible cracks at your glass and repair it ASAP.  Cracks at your walls or flooring must be properly sealed too to!

Check and control humidity levels.

Humidity is the number one reason of foggy windows and condensation build-up. Placing a fully functional dehumidifier in the room or corner of your home where condensation occurs can help a lot. It’s also highly recommended to place it as close to your window as possible.

Proper home ventilation must be observed.

A well ventilated house can prevent or eliminate condensation. Exhaust fans and even ceiling fans can be utilized for a better air circulation around the home. Using your exhaust systems when cooking or showering 15 minutes after the activity is highly recommended to help reduce the moist. Opening your curtains or blinds at daytime can help eliminate the moisture accumulated on the windows. Opening some of your windows from time to time (When it’s not too cold or windy outside) can also significantly improve ventilation as well as humidity balance.

Doing the above said tips can effectively help prevent foggy windows. If you already followed them all and you are still experiencing excessive condensation, maybe the window glass itself is the culprit. Calling a professional to help you out determine if you need a new window glass is your best option.

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One Comment on “3 Simple But Effective Ways to Prevent Foggy Windows

  1. I couldn’t figure out why my kitchen window was fogging up for the longest time. I had to get out some soapy water to find the air leak, and now I see this crack in the glass along the window frame. Is there some way that I can seal that up, with maybe super glue or some kind of heavy duty tape? Would you suggest that I order a replacement window pane instead? It’s only 4 inches long, on a 70″ long window.

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