Telltale Signs It is Time For Window Screen Replacement

It is true that home owners have the freedom and right to change their window screens whenever they please. However, there are times when window screen replacement is already a must. Do you wish to know when is the perfect time for you to change your window screens? Here are some of the telltale signs to watch out for:

window frost

Your monthly bills are increasing.

Many people think that the efficiency of their windows will not have any effect on their electric consumption. For your information, there will be most heat transfer between the indoors to the outdoors if your windows are not functioning properly. Because of this, your heating and cooling system as well as the other electronics inside your home will have to work double time and spend more energy than needed in order to function properly. As a result, your electricity consumption will surely skyrocket. This is most especially true if you are still using single pane windows.

You are having some problems closing and opening your windows.

This is the best sign that tells you that your window screens are already past their prime. Not only will this be a nuisance on your electric consumption, it would also put the security of your family at risk.

Your windows shows sign of condensation in between the panes.

Today, double and triple pane windows are commonly used at homes and this is due to good reason. Windows with multiple panes have a layer of air in between the glasses and this simple feature is what makes them great insulators. In the event that you see condensation forming in the between the glass panes, it is a good indication that your windows are not working properly.

Your window seals are already failing.

Many home owners forget the fact that window seals also have their expiration and these are not meant to last forever. This is why it is a good idea to check the performance of your window seals from time to time. In the event that you experience drafts around the window even if it is closed, this is one good sign that the seals have already failed and it is time for you to change your window screens.

You hear too much outside noise.

Modern window screens are not just designed to keep out heat but to also limit the amount of outdoor noise that can be heard inside the home. If you are already hearing too much outdoor noise even if the windows are closed, it means that your windows are already outdated.

Old Window Brick Wall

Once you have spotted or experienced any of the signs mentioned above, then it is about time that you consider replacing your window screens. While many home owners think that window replacement is a costly project, you have to understand the fact that dealing with malfunctioning windows can cost you more than having that useful and much highly needed window screen replacement.

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  1. Good tips on how to recognize when it’s time for new windows. Once your heating bills start rising, it is definitely time to invest in new windows for better insulation. Thanks for the advice!

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