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Making the rounds

The other day I picked up 4 screen doors from 4 different houses.

The first three were the “cheap” screen doors homeowners often purchase from hardware stores. These cheap doors have adjustable top and bottom tract rails. The last one was a custom made screen door.

About that last door, the custom one: the frame was bent due to large dogs and heavy abuse from the home’s former tennants. It’s the door all the way in the back of the above photo.

One size fits all?

About those cheaper doors, the ones purchased at hardware stores: they’re designed to be “one size fits all.” Unless you’re talking about baseball caps, hardly anything is truly “one size fits all,” and that includes your screen doors. These screen doors are made to fit in the tract by adding rails to the top and bottom. They’re 2-4″ shorter than a custom screen door.

Homeowners adjust the rail using the little screws you can see in the photo. If you search around online, you’ll find plenty of people who hate these doors with a passion. The comments and reviews are very colorful, to say the least. With everyday use the door sags, scrapes the tract, gets stuck, bent, out-of-true, or just plan falls out after a while.

And guess what?

These shorter, hardware store screen doors appear almost every day in the back of my truck. I’m often asked by the homeowner to build a new screen door from scratch. My doors work great and last a heck of a lot longer than the ones you can buy at the hardware store.

Homeowners have a choice: a cheap screen door from the hardware store OR a custom sliding door from Parker Window Screens or another legit screening company.

What I use

When it comes to my own home, I like to use a well made, custom screen door. It’s the only way to go unless you’re shopping purely for the lowest price around.

Most people use their sliding screen door every single day. Is it worth it to you to have a screen door for the long haul, one that fits and works perfectly every single day? Or would you rather deal with a screen door that doesn’t quite work right 3 weeks after you purchase and install it?

I know what I like. What do you like? Let us know in the comments, and, if you need a new sliding screen door don’t hesitate to give me a call!


One Comment on “About Screen Door Replacement

  1. Quote:
    11549 Gun Fight LAne Austin Texas 78748
    Replacement sliding Screen Door
    As measured from the Bottom of the Top track down to Top of Bottom Track,

    Heigth 79 3/8 inches
    Width 36″
    Top channel configuration W, U channel 10/16″ in width wiht a 1/16″ max center track.

    White frame ;
    Pet resistant Black/Charcoal screen
    John Hutchins

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