Replacement Window Color and Hardware Options

Color and Hardware options add finishing touches to replacement window. Window manufacturers offer windows in a variety of colors and hardware choices to perfectly match the color of your home.

When you customize your replacement window, you can select from a wide range of colors from White, Beige, Brown, Tan, Satin, Sierra, Woodgrain and with many finish options such as Nickel, Brass, Bronze among others.

Color and Hardware Options from Sunrise Windows

Sunrise Windows hardwares are specifically designed to be easy to operate and with elegant touch. There are variety of colors to choose from, including three architectural finishes.



Color and Hardware Options from Milgard Windows

Milgard hardwares are tailor-made to their window system and exceeds the toughest force entry codes in the country. Their hardware closes and locks securely in one action. So if the window is closed, it means it’s locked.



Truth Hardware

Truth Hardware have been designing and manufacturing window & door hardware since 1955. Selling directly to major window manufacturers, they are now considered the leading manufacturer of the finest hardware solutions in the window and door industry in North America.

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