How To Repair Tears and Holes On Window Screens The Easy Way

If your window screen is severely damaged or badly ripped, this guide won’t help you. What you need is a replacement as soon as possible. And who do you call for screen replacement? ParkerWindowScreens! But, if your window screen only has small tears or holes, this repair guide could be truly helpful.

Window Screens

Repairing Small Holes

For nylon or fiberglass screens, fill the holes with few drops of instant adhesives. For metal screens, fill it with epoxy.

Patching a Hole

If ever the hole is too large to be filled, you can buy patch kits that are often available at hardware stores. Follow the kit instruction on how to properly use it to repair such screen holes or tears.

Aside from store bought patch kits, you can also make your own patch at home. For nylon or fiberglass screens, cut a patch that is a bit larger than the hole. Apply a thin layer of fast-dry glue at the patch edges and press it in place until dry. For metal screens, cut a patch that is half inch larger than the hole to be repaired.  Bend the edges teeth into right angles. Place the patch over opening so it can penetrate the screen. Turn the screen over; bend the teeth flat on other side to hold it into place.

Replacing a Molding Frame Screen

Window screen is typically held in place with staple wires hidden by molding.  Using a small chisel or flat head screw driver, pry up the existing molding and remove the old screening. Cut the replacement screen with shears to overlap frame by half inch from all sides and corners. Fasten it with staple gun starting from the middle up to opposite sides.

Place the molding back into place with small nails. Trim excess screen with utility knife. Fill the nail holes with wood filler and paint.

Window screen scratches or tears are inevitable.  With the above said tips, you can now easily repair them up as soon as possible.

When your window screen is severely damaged, call us to start the process of getting your window screen repaired .

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