5 Easy And Quick Fixes for Broken, Damaged and Stuck Windows

Replacing your window glass or screen immediately right after the damage occurred is oftentimes not an option. You’ll need some time to either buy a replacement or call for help. But this doesn’t mean you have to let the damaged window glass or screen to just sit there until replacement arrives. You need to do something to prevent further trouble from arising.

As a homeowner, it’s pretty important for you to know some basic and quick fixes for window damages. Below are some of the most common window glass and screen problems along with the “first-aid” steps that you can do.

Window Glass Cleaning

Shattered Window Pane

While wearing heavy-duty gloves, remove the broken glass carefully. Afterwards, staple a square of thick, heavy-duty plastic onto the surrounding sash. This can be an effective alternative replacement and could last for days or until replacement arrive.

In cases where window glass breaks into sharp little pieces, use duct tape to pick up shards that have fallen out of the window (while wearing heavy duty gloves).

Cracked Window Pane

With a heavy-duty masking tape, tightly seal the crack on both sides of the pane. This could keep outside temperature from affecting your home.

Window Sash Painted Shut

Carefully run a utility knife in between the sash to break the paint bond. You might have to do this more than once to fully remove the bond. If paint has seeped deep, you need to extend the blade even further.

Tiny Hole

If the hole is too small for you to replace the pane, then you can easily fix it with the help of clear nail polish. Carefully dab a bit of it into the hole and wait until it dries up. Repeat this step until you’ve built up enough polish that could easily hide the small hole.

Small Rip In Window Screen

Cut a square of fabric from a nylon pantyhose or stockings. The square must be slightly larger than the tear in the screen. Run some clear adhesive around the edge of the path and gently place it over the damaged screen. Hold it for few minutes or until the glue sticks.

Knowing these quick fixes for broken and damage window glass or screen can surely give you peace of mind while waiting for the replacement to come up. So the next time a damage occur, check out this post and apply the fix that you think is applicable.

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  1. I noticed the other day that there is a hole in my bedroom window. Unfortunately I think it’s too big to cover with clear nail polish, although it is a great idea. I’ll just wait for the glass repair company to come and fix it for me. Great article, thanks.

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