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Local window, glass and screen replacement

Screen Work

There’s no need to drive clear across town to have your screens repaired or replaced. We’ll come to you, remove your screens, repair or replace them, and then re-install them for you. Parker Window Screens takes the hassle out of repairing or replacing broken and damaged window screens.

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Window Glazing

The plastic parts around your window are called “glazing.” Many people don’t know it, but broken, damaged, or simply worn glazing is the #2 cause of drafts. The #1 cause is broken windows. Your glazing needs to be replaced if your house is drafty and the “edges” around your windows are broken

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Window Replacement

Replacement windows need not be boring. We can replace your old windows with new windows. Ask us about how the right windows can make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable when you call.

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When you call, you’ll find that Parker Window Screens provides:

  • Friendly, neighborly service. We’re not simply professional. We’re your neighbors.
  • Some of the lowest prices in the business, combined with great warranties.
  • No pushy sales people. Just straight talk from people who appreciate your business!