PollenTEC, Pollen/Dust Screen Mesh, Keeps Allergens Out and Lets Fresh Air In

Do you love to keep your windows open but you’re suffering from pollen and dust allergies? With Pollen/Dust screen mesh, you can keep the allergens out and let the fresh air in as you would still be able to open windows to breath in the fresh air you deserve.

PollenTEC is a newly developed screen material for windows and doors that blocks airborne pollens and dust and other pollutants from entering your indoor environment, reducing allergic reactions and making interior air cleaner and easier to breath.

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Why PollenTEC

PollenTEC vs. Conventional Screen: Flour Test

PollenTEC filters out up to 100% of airborne pollens. The material will also significantly reduce the amount of dust and other particulate matter from entering.

  • Lab Tested & Proven. Capable of filtering out even pollens, down to the micron level. Dust you can’t even see is kept out. Cleans your air quietly and efficiently without the added cost of electricity.
  • Made of 100% precisely spun polyester that is then put through a proprietary coating process that attracts pollen spores like a magnet and traps them into the microfiber weave.
  • PollenTEC won the 2009 Chrystal Achievement Award form Window and door magazine for the most innovative window component.
  • Certified and hospital tested by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)

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