Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminated Glass Windows That You Must Know About

Aside from security alarms, cameras and system, installing laminated glass in windows is also a great and proven-effective way to prevent break-ins, burglaries and robbery. Also referred as security glass, laminated glass windows are way tougher and much harder to break than a regular glass. Laminated glass windows are popular choice for homeowners who wanted to toughen up their overall home safety and security.


If you are thinking about installing laminated glass at your windows, it’s a must that you also read some of its flaws. Below is a list of the common advantages and disadvantages of laminated glass windows that a consumer like you must know.


Security – This is the main reason why laminated glass is the most popular choice. It gives great security against break-ins and possible home invasions. Very impossible to break by hand or by common tools.

Safety – Home accidents do happen, but you can prevent it and one way to do so is installing laminated glass. With this installed, you don’t have to worry about broken pieces of glasses that you, your family members or your kids might accidentally step into.

Sound proof – If you live near a busy road or in a community where outside noise is to disturbing or annoying, laminated glass can surely give you peace of mind. It can effectively reduce noise and if properly installed, can make your home totally sound proof!

Weather proof – If you live in an area where cases of hurricanes or storms are common, having laminated glass at your windows is a must. It can withstand even the toughest weather condition.

Durability – Laminated glass windows last longer compared to other types of window glasses.


Price – Laminated glass windows are quite pricey or let’s say, really expensive. Because of the materials and process involved in creating and installing laminated glass, the cost of it can really shoot up.

Limited choices –There are only few manufacturers that can create laminated glass. This gives you limited options to where to order or buy this type of glass. This is also one of the major reasons why the price of it is quite high compared to other types.

To put it simply, the major disadvantage (or might be the only disadvantage) of installing laminated glass windows is the overall cost. But if you will think about its advantages, it’s all worth the price. After all, it is designed to last longer so you don’t have to buy another window glass for the next few years or so.

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