Known Advantages of Using High Definition (HD) Window Screen

Unlike any other types of window screens, High Definition or HD screens provides a much clearer and better outside view. This kind of window screen has very fine fiber that is less visible to the naked eye. HD screens virtually disappear when looking out through your windows.

HD screens also provide better insect protection. Although it has smaller openings than regular screens, it doesn’t block or limit the airflow. High definition screens are also quite popular because it brings more natural brightness inside the home.

To have a better understanding about the advantages of using high definition screens, read the info below.

Advantages of High Definition Screens

HD Screen Advantage
(L) Not HD Screen | (R) Using HD Screen – Image Credit: Amerimax

Better and Clearer Outside View

HD screens have smaller fiber size which means it doesn’t block the outside view. It also reduces glare and reflection thus making outside objects more viewable from the inside.

Better Airflow

The ultra fine fiber produces smaller weave. The smaller the weave, the better airflow you can get from your windows. With HD screens, you can truly enjoy the cool breeze that can freshen and lighten up your home.

Easy Maintenance

With high def screens, window cleaning and maintenance is easy. Just use a hose with running water and standard window cleaner. No need to detach the screen for manual scrubbing and brushing.

Built To Last

HD screens are made and built to stand the test of time. It can last for years and if taken care of properly and regularly, it can almost last a lifetime.

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