Do you really need a whole new window?

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Many service providers won’t just come out and say it, but more often than not a broken window needs nothing more than replacement glass.

Broken windows are a pain in the rear. Most people think it’s going to be very expensive to replace a broken window. The person who busted the window often feels bad and offers to pay for the replacement.

Replacement glass significantly reduces the price of the new window. A new window sometimes runs $300 or more with glazing, screens, and the window frames included. Replacement glass usually runs about half that for one window, and the price drops even further as you add more windows to the order.

Do you really need a whole new window? Sometimes the answer is just No.  As long as your glazing and frames are in good shape, replacement window glass is a great option for replacing a broken window in your home. Even if your glazing is worn, weathered, or cracked, Parker Window Screens can replace it for you as well.

Broken windows are a part of life. They’re a sign it’s warm outside, and the neighborhood kids are playing baseball or goofing off. A broken window is like spilled milk, and replacement glass is one of the best ways to “clean it up” without breaking the bank.

Did the neighbor kids send a baseball through your window? Did someone walk through your patio doors last weekend? These things happen, and we’re here to help.

Replacing a window isn’t something you can normally do yourself.  Parker Window Screens can repair broken window glass for about 1/3 the cost of having the entire window being replaced with brand new window.

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