Common Window Screen Problems

Window screens are one of those things homeowners just don’t have to worry about very much. They last for a fairly long time, but wear-and-tear takes its toll on the screens and the frames themselves. Window screens are a popular DIY project, but it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to have someone do it for you. That’s especially true for homeowners who don’t consider themselves “DIY enthusiasts” and would rather not spend their weekends standing in line at Home Depot or Lowes.

Bent and broken frames

This is the #1 reason homeowners replace their screens, largely because it’s the most obvious – and visible – screen problem they experience.

How does it happen? I can tell you from experience. If school aged children who tend to lose or misplace their house keys live at the house, they won’t just sit on the porch and patiently wait for someone with a key to let them in. They just won’t! They’re hungry, and tired, and maybe it’s 90 degrees outside. They want IN! And if they have to break their parents’s screens checking for unlocked windows, that’s exactly what they tend to do. They don’t mean to break the screens. But if they (or even you) have never removed your screens, it’s pretty darn easy to break or bend the frames.

It just happens. The good news is it’s a pretty easy DIY project, and not very expensive to have someone else do it for you.

Holes in screens

Screen With Hole

Chalk another one up for the kids, especially those freakin’ teenagers with their obnoxiously loud music. Let’s think about this for a second. Why would a perfectly good screen have a somewhat carefully cut hole in it? Did a brigade of fighting mice take a Dremel tool to the screen, opening up a “door” for safe passage into the homeowner’s kitchen?

No, not quite, although that would be quite fun to watch.

What happens is the kids, those freakin’ kids, cut holes in the screens to pass electrical cords through. This let’s them plug their speakers, stereos, and iPhone chargers in outside. They want to enjoy their tunes in the yard. While you’re at work, they’re lounging around wasting away their summer vacation. It’s not just the kids. Unwitting homeowners often cut holes in their own screens, so they can run power tools in places where there may not be outlets.

The good news is, as long as the frames aren’t bent, replacing the screen itself is pretty easy.

Screens just wear out!

Screen Wear

It might seem obvious, but screens just wear out. Ever wonder what happens to your screens when it’s raining side-ways, trees are coming down, and there’s just as many rain drops as there are leaves flying through the air?

That debris beats the tar out of your screens, and after a while it’s a good idea to replace them. Most people replace their screens when they notice enough wear to make them uncomfortable, and that limit is different for everybody.

When you feel like it’s time to replace your screens, Parker Window Screens is hear to help. Just call (720) 432-0038 when you’re ready!

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