3 Kinds Of Screens You Should Get If You Want A Clear Window View

Having an unobstructed window view is one of the goals of homeowners. Aside from letting the sunshine and the fresh air to come in, an unobstructed window also makes the house more appealing and airy. It certainly adds value to the house and overall look of the home. This is one of the many reasons why some homeowners stays away from adding window screens. For them, it defeats the whole purpose of having a window – that is to get a clear view of the outside while at home. They tend to sacrifice all the positive effect of having window screens because of the way it can obstruct the window view.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. With the advancement of technology, you can now buy and install window screens that won’t obstruct your windows. Below are some screen styles or choices that can give you a clear window view while enjoying the benefits of having window screens.

Window View


Allows clear view out of the upper half of a double-hung window while enjoying breezes through the lower half. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get the benefits of window screens while enjoying a clear unobstructed window view. They are typically installed in the lower half of a double-hung window.

Retractable Screens

If you want convenience in terms of installing and removing window screens, this is your best choice. It can be easily installed with a simple snap and removed anytime you want. Can be easily maintained and cleaned when needed.

High Transparency Screens

As the name implies it, this screen can give you the clearest window view. It features finer and tighter mesh for a much clearer view. This type of screen is not recommended for sliding and storm doors because of it’s high transparency properties.

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2 Comments on “3 Kinds Of Screens You Should Get If You Want A Clear Window View

  1. I really enjoy having windows in the house so I can see the outdoors surrounding my house. I liked this article because I am all for getting a clearer view out the window. I didn’t realize that there were high transparency screen options, but this definitely seems like something I’d like to invest into. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I like the thought of having high transparency screens for some of the views in your home that you don’t open the windows to. Retractable screens do sound extremely easy to use and you can move them out of the way. I will have to talk to my friend about this so she can decide what to do for her home. Thank you for the information on window and door screens.

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