5 Tips for Cleaning Window Glass Without Streaks

Window glass cleaning is the kind of job that most homeowners prefers to leave to the professionals. Aside from the time that can be saved, the amazing and streak-free result is also one of the reasons why its best to hire the pros to clean the windows.

But if you don’t have the money to hire someone or you just want to do the cleaning yourself, here are few tips that can help you clean your window glass like a pro.

Window and Chair

Use Distilled Water

The contents of the water you use to clean the window glass can make a huge difference. Experts says that if you are diluting your glass cleaner, distilled water is highly recommended. This water doesn’t have the extra minerals that can be present from other types of water (e.g. tap water) so it won’t leave any kind of trace or streaks behind.

Use Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning, a bottle of vinegar will always come in handy. With an equal mixture of water and vinegar, you can create a cleaning solution that can surely work wonders for your window glass. This cleaning solution is best used for outdoor glass because of it’s scent.


Use Little Amount Of Soap

If your window glass is not that dirty, a vinegar+water solution is more than enough to clean it. But if the dirt is too much for that solution to handle, then using a little amount of soap could help. Just always remember, go easy with the soap to avoid streaky residue.


Avoid Using Paper Towels


Paper towels doesn’t only leave streaks at your glass, it also leave some lint! Instead of using paper towels, use a microfiber cloth or old newspapers.

Buff Your Glass

After thoroughly cleaning your window glass, don’t forget to buff it as the finishing touch. Use a clean rag or microfiber cloth to do this task. Don’t stop until all streaks are gone.

With these tips in mind, cleaning your window glass will become an easier task! Just make sure to do the cleaning at least once a week to avoid dust, dirt and grime from piling up.

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