How to Clean Glass and Screens And Some More Cleaning Tips

Washing and cleaning the glass and screens in your windows and doors are quite easy if you know the trick. Below are some of the basic tips that are proven to be truly effective. Check them out and always keep them in mind every time you feel like doing window and screen cleaning.

Window Glass

When cleaning or washing the glass, always use a soft, lint-free towel. You can use a cloth diaper, a kitchen towel or linen napkins.

Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning product as they can leave streaks and oftentimes, produces a film that attracts unwanted moisture. It’s better to create your own cleaning solution with vinegar. Just mix a cup of white vinegar with 10 cups of water and fill a spray bottle with it. This mixture is proven as effective as those solutions you can buy at stores.

Using the lint-free cloth, do the horizontal and vertical motions to wipe away the cleaner. Do it promptly to keep the cleaning solution from settling into the glass and frame junction that could weaken the seal.

If there are visible streaks after cleaning, rinse it with clear water then wipe it dry and clean.

If there are some spots or marks at your glass created by grease, oil, crayons or adhesives, don’t scrape it off as it might damage your glass. Instead, apply a small amount of acetone or mineral spirits to a link-free cloth and rub it on the area where unwanted mark is spotted.

As for the screens, if the dust or dirt is not that much, just use a vacuum with upholstery brush attachment. If there are grease (usually found at kitchen screens), use a sponge, mild detergent and hot water to clean it.

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2 Comments on “How to Clean Glass and Screens And Some More Cleaning Tips

  1. I just had some new glass installed on my windows and I have been struggling to clean them well. However, I had no idea that ammonia-based cleaning products could cause streaks, but I am so glad that this post mentions that! I think that I am going to start cleaning with vinegar and linen napkins. Thank you for helping me to be better informed on how to better clean my windows!

  2. Good advice for getting rid of streaks. It drives me crazy trying to get them out sometimes. I’ll have to try your method.

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