Why You Can’t Just Clean Your Fogged Windows

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Some window cleaning companies offer a service where they drill a small hole in your glass, remove the moisture from between the two panes, and then seal the hole up. This process works great as long as you catch it soon enough and get help from a window cleaning professional.

But what if you wait too long? Why is it so difficult to clean a fogged window?

They’re difficult to clean because there’s just no way to get between the panes and scrub them enough to make them bright and clean again.

Even if the accessible surface of your glass is fogged, mineral deposits may have changed the chemical structure of your glass. There’s just no way to “wash” chemical damage from the glass’s surface.

Why windows fog

Windows fog up when the seals around an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) fail. The seals let moisture in where it shouldn’t be. Then the moisture turns to fog. And if you’re unfortunate enough not to catch it soon enough, the fogginess becomes a permanent part of your window and thus your home.

Foggy windows reduce resale value.

And they’re ugly.

But the broken seals that cause foggy windows make your home more expensive to heat in the winter and cool during the summer. There’s only one way to get rid of fogged windows if they’re stained. You have to replace them.

About those seals

If you catch the fogging soon enough, you’ll be able to call someone to replace the seals and get rid of the moisture between the panes. If you don’t do something about the fogginess quickly, you may have to replace the affected windows in order to fix the problem.

The good news is your seals will be replaced at the same time. Nobody in their right mind would replace your windows without replacing the seals, and that includes Parker Window Screens.

If there’s a chance you can get away with having your windows cleaned or restored, we’ll let you know during your estimate. We won’t just sell you a bunch of new windows if there’s a chance we can save you some money. We’ll let you know who to call for window cleaning and restoration if it’s an option.

If window cleaning and restoration is not an option, Parker Window Screens still has some of the best prices southeast of Denver. Give us a call and schedule your estimate today if your windows are fogged or broken.

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