How To Check The Performance of Your Window Screens

You may not know this but when it comes to saving money on your home utility bills, one of the biggest factor that you should consider is your window screen. Many people see windows only as decorative tools for their homes. They think that the window’s only function is to boost the aesthetic appeal of their homes. Truth is, your windows play a good role in helping to conserve the energy inside your home.

With this in mind, how will you know if your windows are fulfilling its role? How would you know if your windows are your friends or your foes? Well, you will be happy to know that there are actually four easy ways that you can use to evaluate the performance of your current windows.

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Evaluate your utility bills.

One of the best telltale sign of a malfunctioning window is your utility bills. Take a look at your utility bills for the past few months. Do you think that your bills have gone up more than they should? We know that the utility companies are raising their prices yearly but you will surely notice when there is an unexpected and unreasonable increase in your utility bills. When you have poorly functioning windows, the air inside your house goes out while the air outside goes in and it will cause your air conditioning or heating systems to work double time to maintain the right temperature.

Run your fingers through the windowsill and the windows.

During a very hot day, it is recommended that you touch the window glass and the areas surrounding it. These areas should have a consistent temperature. In the event that you were able to feel some cold or warm spots, it means that your windows are not doing their job properly.

Take a look at your windows from the outside.

Examine the paint in the areas surrounding your windows. If the paint in these areas are peeling, it is a good indicator that moisture is present and it can be a result of improperly sealed windows.

Light a candle.

If you think that your windows are letting a draft inside and you are not sure of it, then you may want to light a candle near the window. See if the flame will flicker. In the event that the candle starts to flicker, this means that draft is coming in through the window. This may indicate insulation and frame problems. It may also indicate that the windows are not properly installed. If the flame does not flicker, then there is nothing that you should worry about.

If you wish to lower your energy consumption, it is recommended that you evaluate the performance of your windows from time to time. These tests will help you to see how well the windows are performing. Once you have determined that your windows have already been compromised, it is recommended that you seek help from window experts so that they can have a look at your windows.

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