Calling a Roofer for Hail Damage? Don’t Forget Your Screens

Hail Screens PWS 2


Hail is a funny thing, especially here in Colorado. I’ve heard about places that don’t have hail, and met people who have never seen it, but I’ve never lived in one of those places. Everyone on the Front Range has a story about golf ball sized hail, and a few people have stories about bigger hail than that.

Huge Hail


Photo: Kenneth Hagemeyer CC

Hail isn’t uncommon in Colorado. The most common time of year for hail? Late summer and early fall. Late afternoon thunderstorms turn into hail storms from August to October. If the hail is strong enough to damage your roof, it probably beat your screens up, too.

Sometimes hail falls from the sky by the foot in one place, but the ground goes completely unscathed just a couple hundred yards away. No rain. No nothing. Just dry ground.

Heavy hail combined with fast wind is a destructive combination. When the hail starts blowing sideways into your home, it’s not uncommon for it to do serious damage to your roof, screens, windows, garage door, and/or even your car.

Hail damage usually means a call to the roofer. Sometimes a roofer will even stop by. Be careful with door-knocking roofers after a hail storm. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the more common roofing scams, especially if you just moved to a place where it hails significantly.

9 times out of 10 you can ask the roofer if he knows anyone who replaces screens. If you live in or near Parker, CO your roofer might just hand you my card and tell you to call Parker Window Screens.


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