Basic Window Screen Cleaning Tips That You Should Know by Now

One of the main functions of window screen is blocking outside dirt and debris from coming in. As time passes by, it accumulates big chunk of dirt and dust making it look so untidy. Aside from the not so pleasant look, dirty window screens can also block the flow of fresh air inside your home.

To keep window screen function the way they should, it must be cleaned regularly. Below are few basic tips in cleaning window screens that you must know and be able to do almost instantly.

Dirty Window

Clean it off with boiling water.

With the help of boiling water, you can easily break down dirt, grease and grime that are pretty hard to remove. You can submerge your dirty screens in the boiling water for around 5 minutes before totally cleaning it off. Use a container big enough to hold your window screens.

Use clothes washer.

If your screen is made of vinyl mesh, this technique can totally help you. You can wash your screen using your clothes washer with water set on hot and set in gentle cycle. After cycle is done, you can lay it down on a flat surface and put something on top of it to maintain its original shape. Although this tip is proven effective, extra precaution must be taken so you won’t do any damage at your screen and at your clothes washer as well.

Use a good degreaser.

When dirt and dust sets in your window screen over a long period of time, it becomes so sticky and greasy making it almost impossible to remove with water alone. For this kind of dirt, a degreaser might help.  Spray your screen with the degreaser and use a soft bristle brush to loosen up the dirt. Use pressure washer to rinse off the degreaser and the dirt itself.

Spray it clean.

Sometimes, using a pressure washer or even a garden hose is what you just need to clean the window screens. If you clean your window screens on a regular basis, using this method is surely enough to rinse off the dirt and debris.

These tips aren’t complicated or hard to do. Anyone can do this but if you find yourself too busy to do the cleaning on a regular basis, you can always count on ParkerWindowScreens.Com. Call us and we will refer you to a window cleaning company you can trust.

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