5 Amazing Tips To Allergy-Proof Your Windows

Aside from doors, windows are the main point of entry for dust and allergens. If you don’t put up or install some protective measures at your windows, the chances of allergy and asthma attacks is very high. To make sure that your home and your family is well protected against allergy-inducing dusts, here are some tips and advice.


1. Keep windows clean, all the time. Keep your windows spotless by damp dusting with 5% bleach to water mixture every week. Spray the mixture in a clean piece of cloth and wipe the entire window. Make sure that you are wearing a dust mask while doing this procedure to prevent dust inhalation. This tip alone will ensure that no dust mites and mold spores will show up.

2. Use air purifiers and place it near window. Investing in a good quality air purifier is a must for every household. Place the purifier close to window to help trap airborne contaminants before they circulate around the house and cause irritation. For best results, use the purifier that has HEPA filtration.

3. Use allergy-resistant window coverings. Do not hang heavy drapes and small slatted blinds in your windows as they are known dust magnets. It’s highly recommended that you use lightweight window treatments as they are less likely to attract dust and allergens. It’s also a good practice to vacuum it few times a week. Window film is also a great option to allergy-proof the windows.

4. Inspect caulking and fix if necessary. Damaged or cracked caulking around windows can  become an entry point of dust and allergens. So if you found one, fix and repair it immediately. Old caulking must be replaced as well. Inspect your window thoroughly and make sure that there are no cracks or any kind of damage present.

5. Keep your windows closed, if necessary. If you suffer from allergies, it’s best to keep your windows closed when humidity is high. It’s also highly recommended to keep your windows closed at early morning (time when grasses, trees and weeds release allergy-inducing pollen). If you want to keep your windows open at all times, it’s best that you install window screens that has the capability to filter pollen and dust. This type of window screen is specially designed to prevent almost 90% of allergens from entering your house. If you wanted to know more information about this kind of window screen, you can contact ParkerWindowScreens.Com.

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